Toby : Charlotte Birth Photographer | Charlotte, NC

So, how I actually ended up with the pleasure of photographing this sweet little guy is pretty interesting. A fellow photographer who I’ve known for a couple of years now (Julia Laible – Julia Laible Photography) had been booked to capture Toby’s birth. On the night of July 13th, I got a message from Julia; she was in a bit of a panic, as she was out of town in West Virginia and had just been informed that Toby was on his way. A whole month early to be exact! What are the odds he would come on the couple of days she would go out of town? But that’s exactly what happened!

She kindly asked me if I would be willing to capture his arrival, knowing she probably wouldn’t make it back to Charlotte in time. I have always admired Julia’s work, so it really meant a lot that she trusted me to do this for her. So a big thanks to Julia for giving me this opportunity. I just love, love capturing birthdays. An amazing experience for sure; there is truly nothing like it!

Please enjoy some of my favorites from Toby’s arrival. 🙂


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